If you are looking for ways to pass a cannabis drug test then it is likely that you have come across the dilution method where you hand out a diluted urine sample. So, what is a diluted urine sample? Some suggest that providing a urine sample that has been diluted can be a good way to pass a drug test.

Men and women who frequently need to face urine drug tests look for methods to dilute their urine for passing a drug test. Many people have experimented with various dilution methods, which we will cover along with positive vs. negative diluted specimens and efficient approaches to successfully pass this kind of drug test.

But before we get into those, take a look at some important factors to really understand how the dilution works and if it is a good technique to heal beat a urine drug test.

Diluted Meaning in A Urine Drug Test

Undoubtedly, you're curious as to what exactly diluted meaning is. A diluted urine specimen has water traces that are significantly greater than normal. It almost always appears as clear and has a light yellowish hue. Based on the urine's creatinine and specific gravity, one can determine whether a sample is diluted.

Some people have discovered how to color their urine or dilute it to pass a drug test screening method. They took vitamin B the day before the drug test to ensure that their urine was yellow and had a murky appearance. The specimen won't be rejected as a result, and there won't be any reason to wonder if someone purposefully diluted it.

What Elements Are Checked in Labs for The Validation Of Urine Sample?

While clear urine that has been submitted for a drug test usually means that the urine has been intentionally diluted. Today, however, specialists can decide whether or not a provided diluted urine is appropriate thanks to the ongoing improvement in any screening procedures and protocols. As a result, screening labs do the following validity checks:

1. Creatinine Levels

One of the main chemical molecules detected in typical urine is creatinine, a byproduct of amino acid metabolism. The typical range of its levels is 20 mg/dl to 400 mg/dl. Testers classify submitted urine as diluted if the creatinine level is less than 20 mg/dl.

2. Specific Gravity

One of the most frequent urinalysis tests is this one. Calculating specific gravity is mostly used to assess urine concentration. The SG (specific gravity) range for typical random urines is 1.0030–1.0200; the lower the SG number, the more diluted or less concentrated the urine or solution.

If the SG is less than 1.0030 and the urine creatinine is less than 20 mg/di, the sample is classified as Specimen Dilute. Urine tends to be more watery in people with certain health conditions, such as NDI (nephrogenic diabetic insipidus). Urine concentration declines for other reasons as well, though. People who plan to cheat their drug screening are a good example of them.

Top 3 Dilution Methods to Fake a Urine Drug Test

1. Ingesting Diuretics

Diuretics are medicines that help your body to expel more water than usual, which leads to less concentrated urine. The majority of these are drugs for PCOS, diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, and other conditions.

Berries, bell peppers, tea, grapes, and watermelon are just a few examples of widely consumed food items that have physiologic diuretic effects.

2. Drinking A Lot of Fluid

In addition to being mostly water, normal urine also has trace amounts of many metabolic byproducts. The amounts of solutes decrease further the more fluids you consume. The concentration of the solvent also rises concurrently.

The most frequent diluting solvent is water; thus, individuals should consume plenty of liquids, mainly water, 24 hours before the drug test. How much water to dilute urine for drug test is not known with accuracy or precision. This is because everyone's body will eliminate things at a different rate. In addition to water, other liquids like tea, lemonade, and caffeine can also lower the content of urine. This is a good way for passing a drug test naturally. So those who don’t want much hassle can use it to clear a piss drug test.

But of course, drug test dilution success in this technique depends much on how real the urine sample looks. At this point, you know that drinking tons of water makes your urine look watery which is enough to flag the sample. To avoid that you can take supplements such as creatinine and vitamin B.

3. Dilution Pills

Amphetamine users who attempt to cheat or falsify urine drug tests frequently employ dilution pills. To help reduce the dose of the drug in the body and reduce the amount of concentrated urine produced, they consume the tablet orally the day before their scheduled drug test.

Negative Diluted Specimen Vs. Positive Diluted Specimen

Like other tests, a drug screening test might produce a diluted result that can be either positive or negative. It is crucial for employers and others who mandate the test to understand the differences between positive and negative results.

Negative Dilute

The absence of any drugs in the submitted sample is shown by the negative result. But the provided sample contains too much water. As a result, it's not clear if the person is drug-free. The table below provides recommendations based on these findings.

Creatinine Level

What You Might Need to Do

Who Can Ask For It

2 mg/dl to 5 mg/dl

Repeat collection of a urine sample and retesting

Lab testers or officer

Above 5 mg/dl to 20 mg/dl

Accept the negative result or retest right away with an escort to make sure the subject doesn't consume a lot of water.

Company/Employer/Requesting Party

An initial negative dilution result often does not breach any probation-related drug tests and is not grounds for dismissal. A job seeker who receives such a result may or may not be allowed to continue the application process, depending on business policy. It also serves as the foundation for determining the next course of action for the particular employee. But always check whether diluted urine drug test probation can be a risk factor for you.

Positive Dilute

A positive dilute indicates that despite having a very low relative gravity and a very low quantity of creatinine, the urine sample tested positive for the substance. This suggests that the metabolite was not successfully flushed out via dilution.

What Do Medical Scientists and Experts Suggest to Pass a Urine Drug Test

To preserve a drug-free workplace, several businesses randomly check employees for drugs. Most of these tests can identify drugs in your bloodstream that you consumed or ingested a week earlier. The odds of passing a drug test naturally within 24hrs if you use are therefore similar to those of winning the lottery.

So, the question is how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally. Many users are attempting to beat a urine drug test with the aid of the products Mega Clean and Toxin Rid. Some even opt for synthetic urine like Quick Fix.

Toxin Rid is a trustworthy weed detox brand serving people for decades. You can buy Toxin Rid pills to beat the drug test in just one day. But if you have enough time before the test then you can choose different detox programs too for removing drug residues from the system. They have 5 days, 7 days, and 10 days detox programs. Assess what type of marijuana user you are and select the best program for you.

Synthetic urine, with Quick Fix being one of the most well-known brands, is an option that can assist you in successfully navigating a last-minute drug test. Additionally, the Urinator plays a crucial role in maintaining the optimal temperature of the urine sample.

Quick Fix stands as a reliable solution for your urine-related drug test concerns, often used in tandem with the Urinator to ensure the sample's temperature is in the correct range. Rigorous research has been conducted to gauge the efficacy of these combined solutions, and findings indicate that using Quick Fix in conjunction with the Urinator can effectively pass a drug test without raising any red flags.

The Best Way To Pass A Drug Test On Short Notice

The best and safest way to pass a drug test is not to use any drugs at all. This is common knowledge, and no one needs to inform you of this. Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and other substances should not be used since they are harmful. But suppose you use weed and are looking for some other approaches to quickly pass a drug test. So, what are your options? Read the next segment to know more.

Other Possible Alternatives That Can Beat a Urine Drug Test

Taking additional pills can help pass a drug test however, we don't recommend them because they also carry risks.


Popular pain reliever aspirin is used to treat inflammation, fever, and minor pains. Additionally, it is frequently administered to people who are at a high risk of getting blood clots that can cause heart attacks or strokes. Aspirin shouldn't be taken by anyone with drug allergies, bleeding tendencies, GIT problems, or liver disorders.

In light of this, one study showed that a negative result could be skewed by including aspirin residues in the sample. But keep in mind that this only applies to the EMIT assay lab procedure.

The following are the suggested dosages of aspirin for drug test dilution success:

  • · Four to six hours prior to the scheduled drug test, take two aspirin tablets, spaced at least 30 minutes apart.
  • · Take two additional aspirin tablets at least half an hour apart, two hours before the drug test.
  • · Before providing a sample, urinate several times while consuming a safe amount of water.

Creatine Supplements

One of the methods to successfully pass a drug test simply used to be drinking a lot of water to flush out the drug residues and dilute the pee. As previously indicated, when the submitted urine seems diluted, the majority, if not all, drug testing institutions now test for creatinine levels.

Since creatinine is a byproduct of creatine metabolism, using creatine supplements may raise it to a safe level. But you should also consider how safe it is to take creatine supplements, particularly if you have medical issues.

Final Words

Drug tests have become more sophisticated these days as a result of advanced technologies. Thus, how effective dilution strategies are is still in question. When your career is on the line you cannot dwell on half-measures. Moreover, dilution techniques might affect your health.

In conclusion, using diluted pee to pass a drug test is not the best course of action. On the other hand, obtaining a negative dilution result can be challenging because you might need to undergo more testing, which could be highly damaging to your case. Of course, taking prescription drugs or dietary supplements puts your health at risk. So, try to avoid using any drugs.

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