Vol 48, No.6
Jun  2016
Impact Factor: 2.124
Editor-in-Chief: Boliang LI
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Institute of Biochemistry & Cell Biology, SIBS, CAS
Financial Supporter
Chinese Academy of Sciences
WANG Ying-Lai Foundation
China Association for Science and Technology
Project for Enhancing International Impact of China STM Journals

Selected Articles from the Current Issue
The role of autophagy in cardiac hypertrophy
Lanfang Li, Jin Xu, Lu He, Lijun Peng, Qiaoqing Zhong, Linxi Chen and Zhisheng Jiang

Silence of bFGF enhances chemosensitivity of glioma cells to temozolomide through the MAPK signal pathway
Qiong Wang, Jixiang Du, Bin Xu, Lixia Xu, Xiuyu Wang, Jun Liu and Jinhuan Wang

Lipogenesis in myoblasts and its regulation of CTRP6 by AdipoR1/Erk/PPAR�� signaling pathway
Wenjing Wu, Yunmei Sun, Chen Zhao, Cunzhen Zhao, Xiaochang Chen, Guoqiang Wang, Weijun Pang and Gongshe Yang

Aurora-A modulates MMP-2 expression via AKT/NF-��B pathway in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells
Xiaoxia Wang, Xiaozhong Li, Chaohui Li, Chun He, Benhong Ren, Qing Deng, Wei Gao and Binquan Wang

The synergistic effect of resveratrol in combination with cisplatin on apoptosis via modulating autophagy in A549 cells
Song Hu, Xiaolin Li, Rongrong Xu, Lingyun Ye, Hui Kong, Xiaoning Zeng, Hong Wang and Weiping Xie

Calcium-mediated regulation of recombinant hybrids of full-length Physarum myosin heavy chain with Physarum/scallop myosin light chains
Ying Zhang, Hozumi Kawamichi, Kazuhiro Kohama and Akio Nakamura

An automated approach for global identification of sRNA-encoding regions in RNA-Seq data from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Ming Wang, Joy Fleming, Zihui Li, Chuanyou Li, Hongtai Zhang, Yunxin Xue, Maoshan Chen, Zongde Zhang, Xian-En Zhang and Lijun Bi

High mobility group box1 protein is involved in acute inflammation induced by Clostridium difficile toxin A
Ji Liu, Bei-Lei Zhang, Chun-Li Sun, Jun Wang, Shan Li and Ju-Fang Wang

Identification of ssDNA aptamers specific to clinical isolates of Streptococcus mutans strains with different cariogenicity
Wei Cui, Jiaojiao Liu, Donghua Su, Danyang Hu, Shuai Hou, Tongnan Hu, Jiyong Yang, Yanping Luo, Qing Xi, Bingfeng Chu and Chenglong Wang

Bisphenol A accelerates capacitation-associated protein tyrosine phosphorylation of rat sperm by activating protein kinase A
Xiaofeng Wan, Yanfei Ru, Chen Chu, Zimei Ni, Yuchuan Zhou, Shoulin Wang, Zuomin Zhou and Yonglian Zhang

Highlighted Articles ��
Atorvastatin blocks increased l-type Ca2+ current and cell injury elicited by angiotensin II via inhibiting oxide stress

Bacillus thuringiensis peptidoglycan hydrolase SleB171 involved in daughter cell separation during cell division

Leukocyte populations and IL-6 in the tumor microenvironment of an orthotopic colorectal cancer model

YB-1, a new biomarker of glioma progression, is associated with the prognosis of glioma patients

Targeting AMPK signaling in combating ovarian cancers: opportunities and challenges

Ethanol-related alterations in gene expression patterns in the developing murine hippocampus

The receptor proteins: pivotal roles in selective autophagy

Differential expression of bone morphogenetic protein 5 in human lung squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma

Hyperpigmentation mechanism of methyl 3,5-di-caffeoylquinate through activation of p38 and MITF induction of tyrosinase

Angiotensin II induces an increase in MMP-2 expression in idiopathic ascending aortic aneurysm via AT1 receptor and JNK pathway

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